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We have being offering and working in Company, Inheritance & Corporate Law matters on a practical and professional way for the last two decades. Whether your business and/or property is already operating through a corporate vehicle, a company or limited liability partnership; or if you are thinking of incorporating, or if you would like to buy property in your individual name we can provide expert legal advice and assistance on all related matters.

Legal representation and assistance is particularly necessary in Portugal when purchasing or selling property. In Portugal the conveyance is very formal and usually implies official certifications of documents and signatures. There is several degrees of participation of each party in the conveyance process. Usually also involves lawyers, real estate agents, notaries (public or private), utility companies and in some cases when a loan is requested, a bank.

The lawyer will ensure that all parties are appropriately co-ordinate all process and control all steps of the process, and will perform due diligence to ensure that the property is purchased without any previous charge or liability that could incur additional costs or reduce the property’s value. If a bank it is involved we also will help you on producing the documents usually requested by the bank in order to able them to make a decision regarding the loan.

Also a lawyer may be very important to help you to check if your budget is enough to pay all the taxes on top of the price of the property. Also will be the one that will prepare the contracts and negotiate the appropriate clauses with the other party. On completion he/she will prepare all the process in order to be properly completed in the notary paying attention if all documents are executed and good to complete.

On completion you may sign yourself the deeds or you may leave a Power of Attorney to your lawyer to represent you at the final notary deeds of conveyance of purchase and sale.

Our Law services include:

Purchase and sale of property in Portugal – due diligences in property
Property legal matters
Share and asset sales and purchases – due diligences in Portuguese of foreign companies
Company Shareholder Agreements
Joint ventures
Mergers and acquisitions
Inheritance legal matters in Portugal
Labor law for touristic units

Property law is the field of law that you have to be aware when you buy property in Portugal via in a individual name or via company name. Also it is connected with the taxes that a property transaction involves either for the purchaser’s point of view either for the Vendor’s point of view.

Inheritance law is associated to Family businesses like Inheritance tax, Wills & Succession.
We are happy to help you in the making of a Will and will and provide a translation and interpretation service if required at the notary
Portuguese wills are different from British wills as they are formally drawn up at the notary with two independent witnesses and a translator if not fluent in the language. The original will is kept always by the notary but you may require as many certified copies of it as you wish, which have the same legal value as the original document kept at the notary. Only the will maker has access to a copy of the will. The will can only be changed by revoking the current one and a new one being notarized.
Portuguese law recognises wills executed in the UK for UK domiciled residents. However, it will be
simpler to avoid the risk of complications by having a Portuguese will.
We may also help you on probate and all the needed steps at the tax department (with the inventory of assets) and notary with “escritura de habilitação» or Partilha.

Company law (or the law of business associations) is the field of law concerning companies and other business organizations. This includes corporations, partnerships and other associations which usually carry on some form of economic activity. Even single individuals, also known as sole traders may incorporate themselves and limit their liability in order to carry on a business. All different forms of companies depend on the particular law of the particular country in which they reside.